I Got A Call: Rick Grimes Movie To Shoot in 2021 Says Andrew Lincoln

the walking dead
photo courtesy AMC
It's been a couple years since Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes character made a mysterious disappearance from The Walking Dead. With his future still up in the air, many fans were miffed about his leaving the show before its final season. Now, Lincoln says he's finally readying himself to return to the world of the undead. We've known for a while that there were going to be a couple spin-off movies produced by AMC that would bring Grimes back to the fold minus the other central characters from the long running zombie series. The movies are apparently to take place after the events of the show's concluding season. Today, Andrew Lincoln says that the plan is to finally get the first film underway in 2021. The head of of the franchise Scott Gimple says the plan is to still make 3 movies that will eventually make their way to theaters. With COVID-19 delaying most productions, it's no surprise that this got pushed back too. The Walking Dead: World Beyond star Annet Mahendru says their series will lead up to the Grimes films as well. 

Lincoln recently told ABC that the pandemic definitely delayed the first movie and feels that the vaccines that are being released are like the "cavalry coming". He commented on the filming of the movie and how this might mean a sense of rebirth for the franchise:

"It does feel like there is a certain sense of positivity and the cavalry’s coming with the vaccines,” he said. “And there’s a real sort of sense of a renewal, hopefully."