Not So Fast: The Flash To Begin Filming in The U.K. in April

photo courtesy Warner Bros.

After numerous delays that have included script rewrites, directorial changes, a near full cancellation and an ongoing global pandemic, WB has finally moved ahead and gotten a production date together for the upcoming live action film version of The Flash. It's been a long time coming as the film has seen tons of turmoil that could have ultimately closed the future of the film out completely. At one point there was even discussion that Miller wouldn't return to the role after all the problems that DC has faced with their universe and a much discussed video that saw Miller supposedly attacking and choking a fan. Now though, they've decided to move ahead and have finally slated a start date for the film. 

A listing has been added to that shows the movie will begin filming in April in the U.K.. It will shoot at Leavesden Studios with IT director Andy Muschietti officially aboard the feature film. With Wonder Woman 1984 having a mixed critical response but with great financial numbers so far, it's no doubt they want to get this thing in front of cameras as soon as everyone's safety will allow. The Flash has been in the planning stages for 3-4 years now with announcements being made some time around 2017's Justice League. Next year will also see the release of Zack Snyder's new cut of the superhero team up. 

The upcoming Matt Reeves' The Batman has also been shooting at Leavesden Studios.