Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw and Friends To Return in HBO Max Limited Series


HBO is beginning to cash in on some of their older intellectual properties. After only a few years, they've already announced an upcoming True Blood reboot that will hit their HBO Max streaming service and now look to bring back Carrie Bradshaw and her friends for a new limited event run of Sex and The City. The show which ran for six seasons spawned two movies and a Chinese version that only ran for one season in 2012. Now, the media outlet is going to bring back the show as a sequel to the original run that will continue the stories of Bradshaw and her friends as they traverse the New York landscape, sipping drinks and shopping for the latest fashions. 

Unfortunately Kim Cattrall has doused any chance of her return as Samantha due to constant bickering between herself and Sarah Jessica Parker. The two simply don't seem to like each other and have made it quite clear that they don't like working together. It's not clear whether she was even asked back. Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have both apparently signed on for a return to their characters. 

HBO says the show will be a limited series, which means it may not be anything more than a few episodes, probably 8-12 that will serve in the place of a third movie but also means it could be a self contained sequel with no further seasons. Obviously, we'll wait and see how this one shakes out.