The Arashikage Returns! Three Zero GI Joe Storm Shadow Figure Revealed


Ninjas! Yeah, they never went away, you just didn't see them. In the world of Hasbro's G.I. Joe, there's a rivalry that's been iconic for decades. Turning the tropes on their ear for a moment, this struggle puts the silent good guy in all black and the supposed villain in white. As with all conflicts, it's never that simple. Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow are quickly recognizable as Joe characters but there's also an instinctive nature to pit them against each other.

ThreeZero has been working with Hasbro on Transformers and Power Rangers figures recently and now is taking on an update to the G.I. Joe Real American Hero line-up. With a 1/6 scale Snake-Eyes already up for preorder and due in the second quarter of 2021, Storm Shadow was sure to follow. In this stunning redesign of his first appearance and figure, Storm Shadow gets incredible articulation, a mix of cloth and sculpted outfit, 5 sets of interchangeable hands, and several pouches, belts, and holsters. There's a litany of traditional weapons including nunchaku, two swords, two quivers, four arrows, and a recurve bow. The redesign keeps the gun show on full display for the PVC-covered seamless joints in the upper arms. Preorders are up on the ThreeZero Store site for $149 USD before shipping and will be on other official online retailers soon, promised to arrive in the third quarter of 2021.

G.I. Joe has returned this year in a heavy deployment from Hasbro, including their highly popular Classified series and the updated classic Real American Hero figures and vehicles. There were previous entries into the 12” scale line from Sideshow Collectibles from a few years back, and Hot Toys with some figures from the movies, but these ThreeZero releases will put great figures in collectors hands without the aftermarket prices.