The High Ground: Obi-Wan Series Series To Film Earlier Than Thought

image courtesy Lucasfilm

With The Mandalorian a massive success for Disney+, it's no doubt that they want to repeat the numbers they're seeing. Now it's being reported that the Obi-Wan limited series has officially moved its production to an earlier start date. The Film and Television Alliance now has the series hitting cameras right after the first of the year on January 4th. Filming is set to begin in Boston, Massachusetts and in London, England at the beginning of 2021. Initially it was thought to start shooting between February and March. The new series is said to tell his story between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and will chronicle his time on Tatooine. 

Rumors are now suggesting that the series will be heavily lined with flashbacks to The Clone Wars. Considering the way The Mandalorian has begun implementing the Dave Filoni series, it wouldn't be any shock to see them continuing to build upon that part of the Star Wars saga. There are also reports that there will be appearances by Darth Vader told through flashbacks. 

The show will also be using The Volume (the tech used to film The Mandalorian) that provides a large scale virtual set. This will also keep them from having to film the desert scenes in Tunisia. There have been no plot details revealed yet but with Ewan McGregor returning it will surely be amazing.