There Is No Victor, Only Doom: Fantastic Four Movie Officially Confirmed with Jon Watts Directing


It's been an amazing day for several different fandoms. The Star Wars world wasrocked with tons of news about upcoming series and movies from Disney. And now we're getting even more news that is set to make Marvel fans extremely happy. After a disastrous reboot a few years ago from Josh Trank, it looks as if Fantastic Four is finally going to get a proper movie treatment as confirmed by Kevin Feige. It's said that Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts will direct and develop the feature film for Marvel's cinematic universe. The news was just posted to several reputable sources including Screen Rant. 

Feige initially teased that the Fantastic Four would get a new movie last year but has now been confirmed at the tail end of the Walt Disney Investor Day event. The rights to the franchise were included when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and all its film properties including Marvel, Star Wars, Alien and more. 

Watts directed the first two Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland and will also be behind the camera for the third entry which has been spiking the news rounds the past two days. It will be interesting to see where this goes!