This Is The Way: The Mandalorian - S02 E06 - The Tragedy - Reviewed

image courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm
The second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ continues making momentum this week as our central character and his companion find themselves in another bad situation which results in blaster combat between our hero, some new allies and crew of poorly aimed remnant troopers. 

Like every show previously, this latest chapter continues to give audiences an amazing thrill ride that pushes Star Wars beyond the scope of the sequel trilogy. After years and years of fan complaints, we're finally getting something we can rally behind as this version of Lucasfilm seems to finally angle itself towards fan service that has its roots in great storytelling, character development, and dynamic action. Each episode this year introduces us to new destinations, fresh revelations, and nostalgia based call backs that really make a connection to the original Lucas vision. Favreau and Filoni continue to wrangle an amazing set of directors with Robert Rodriguez upping the action ante this week. 

The Tragedy is another product of excellent teamwork by a sect of creatives that really care about Star Wars as a whole. This sixth puzzle piece of the second year of The Mandalorian once again capitalizes on our connection to the past by giving us a definitive pathway to the future. Further connecting the dots between the fall of the Empire in the Return of the Jedi and the appearance of The First Order in The Force Awakens. A post-Alita: Battle Angel Rodriguez is still in fine form bringing his own sense of fluid action to television screens. 

Knowing that we're only two episodes away from the finale, the show is heading towards what we imagine will be cliff hanger. We can only imagine that Din Djarin is going to assemble a full time as he heads in to all out war with Moff Gideon and his army of Dark Troopers. But, it might be too simple to end his current predicament in just two episodes. A proper story arc will require some time and patience that will most likely stretch into the third season, hopefully. If anything, The Mandalorian requires some care in the story department that shouldn't be forced or rushed. If they conclude this current dilemma too quickly, it won't have the weight it needs for proper closure. 

The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars has had to offer since 1983. This isn't to bash the prequels or the sequels, but it seems that this team knows how to work together to get back to basics with the franchise. With heavy consultation from George Lucas, they continue to revitalize a divisive brand. Episode six was just great. Plenty of gun play mixed with a high tension plot development that will carry us over into the coming finale and the next season. Where the show sometimes falters in its 'adventure of the week' premise, it finally makes lift off towards a grander scheme with this fourteenth chapter. This is the way.