This Is The Way: The Mandalorian - S02 E07 - The Believer - Reviewed

photo courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

Season two of The Mandalorian on Disney+ is getting really close to an epic finale. Next week will end the season, meaning we need to wait another ten or so months for more Mando. Meanwhile, Lucasfilm will be hard at work developing numerous other Star Wars television series and a Rogue Squadron movie from Patty Jenkins. 

After six amazing episodes, this latest chapter steps back some of the excitement of nostalgia to move the actual story along. Bringing back Bill Burr's character from last year, The Believer moves Mando and his team of action hunters towards finding their little green pal. Hinging on more gun play, a story that gives more background into years of war, and even more character development, director Rick Famuyiwa once again proves he's in good company with Favreau and Filoni. This week is more proof positive that Disney and its Star Wars brand are in good hands with this team of creatives. 

The last two shows were very busy bringing back characters from the continued lore. The Believer goes in a different direction and takes us back to the adventure of the week and really feels like it's a direct descendant of Rogue One. Setting us down on another new planet, the fight scenes take precedence as Din and his newly freed partner take out a bevy of Stormtroopers while they infiltrate an Empire stronghold. Burr takes a lot of focus, giving his Mayfeld character a much more human approach this time around. He teases some of his history and takes on his past while also seeking redemption for his past wrong doings. This is a continued trope in the galaxy of Star Wars. It works extremely well with a side character we've only seen a couple times. 

The most amazing part of this episode is the emotional connection we can feel between Din and Grogu. He's not messing around anymore and even professes his feelings for the child. It's not typical to realize such a glaring love and respect from underneath a metallic helmet. By just using a few words, The Mandalorian has set the stage for all out vengeful war with Moff Gideon and his newly produced Dark Troopers. Next week will have to get a lot done in a short time if they plan on concluding the story arc we're currently in. 

Not to gloat, but this show is honestly the best Star Wars has been since 1983. The folks that put this thing together know how to honor the George Lucas legacy while adding to it without tearing the canon down. We hope the next shows can do the same thing. If so, the fandom will finally be at peace with itself.