911, What's Your Emergency?: Searching Sequel In Development

image courtesy Sony Pictures

The "screenlife" movie Searching starring John Cho proved to be a small sleeper hit for Sony's Stage 6 Films a couple years ago. As we know, no good movie is left untouched. Now, they're putting together a sequel that will tell a whole new story. Will Merrick and Nick Johnson who edited the first feature are taking over directorial duties for the part two which will see another person go missing. The two are currently developing the script which will reportedly up the ante on their chosen sub-genre format. 

The new film will not feature any of the same characters and will focus on a new story told through the eye of modern technology. 2018's Searching was made on a small budget of only $880,000 and went on to take a worldwide gross of over $75 million. It's no wonder they want to cash in on a sequel while they can.  

There is currently no release date scheduled but will most likely begin filming some time in 2021. We'll update as we hear more.