A Deal is A Promise: Lynda Carter is the DCEU's Wonder Woman in New Deep Fake Video


Just a couple days ago we posted a video that placed Millie Bobby Brown in the classic Star Wars trilogy as Princess Leia via some amazing deep fake technology. Now, the same has been done with Wonder Woman. With this latest video, Lynda Carter is back as Diana for the DCEU. Carter starred as the character for 59 episodes on a television show that started its run in 1975. Since then the character was basically missing from live action until Zack Snyder brought her back for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then she was on screen in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman and its sequel Wonder Woman 1984. They're currently working on putting together a third movie in the series. 

Lynda Carter did come back to the franchise with a cameo in WW84. Via some amazing deep fake technology, she's once again Wonder Woman in this latest video that was posted to Youtube.