Collectible News: Metropolis False Maria by Executive Replicas

As one of the first science fiction dystopian films ever made, Metropolis set a high bar not only in production but special effects and iconography. The False Maria robot stands out as universally recognizable in pop culture, spanning nearly every media format.

Smaller figures and statues have been made in the past of the Maschinenmensch but none have tackled the task at 1/6th scale and this new figure from Executive Replicas looks impressive on all counts. The underlying head sculpt even has the striking resemblance of the actress wearing the suit with headband and hair to match. With a seamless body and a black body suit, the armor pieces of the robots outer shell look to connect over the body with the hands and feet being swappable. This outer shell is a zinc alloy consisting of over 20 pieces. The blue and gray eyes, set within the bronze frame, make for a striking gaze. A resin throne and art-deco pedestal complete the set giving you options for displaying this amazing piece. 

This will be a limited release of 500 pieces worldwide, priced at $599.99. It's an astonishing effort to see this come to fruition with the amount of detail and care taken to make this as accurate as possible. This would be a centerpiece in any collection for film, robot, and pop culture enthusiasts alike.