Down at Fraggle Rock: Reboot Series Begins Filming in Calgary Today!


Muppet fans officially have some exciting news to be happy about! The short lived HBO series Fraggle Rock has finally been rebooted. The new series that will full restart the brand has begun filming in Calgary today.

The original show from Jim Henson was started in 1983 but was ultimately cancelled by its creator in 1987 after five seasons. Shortly after, the show was turned into an animated series but only lasted 13 episodes before the plug got pulled. Hulu then ran a two season arc about the Doozers in 2014 and 2018. It was then thought that the Fraggles would make the jump to the theatrical scene but was cancelled before Joseph Gordon Levitt even had a chance to star. Now, they're making a full comeback in a new series that will bring back the puppetry. 

This latest series will be released on Apple TV who optioned the show after several previous attempts to relaunch the franchise. ET Canada has reported that it will shoot at the Calgary Film Centre which also brings the Fraggles back to the country where their first show was filmed. Two original cast members will be returning as well. Dave Goelz and Karen Prell will be picking up roles on the show. Muppet veteran John Tartaglia will be taking on the part of Gobo Fraggle. 

Dance your cares away. Worries for another day!!