King of the Monsters: Godzilla vs. Kong to Receive WW84 Treatment - Simultaneous Theatrical and Streaming Release

image courtesy Legendary Pictures

Many were not happy with Warner Bros. decision to release several big release motion pictures directly to streaming, totally bypassing theatrical during a worldwide pandemic. Legal wranglings began and were quickly shut down as WB and Legendary have now come to a deal over several motion pictures including the long delayed Godzilla vs. Kong. After getting together, the two have decided that it will release on streaming and theatrical at the same time just like Wonder Woman 1984. The two have come to a mutual financial understanding that will see the movie get its new release date of May 21st, 2021 in theaters and on HBO Max. They've also begun working out a new money arrangement going forward that should help production houses recoup much more of their budgets. Currently WW84 has only made ten percent of the original's box office revenue which has led to much concern over these big budget features gaining back their money spent. 

The two studios are now in the early phases of working out a financial arrangement related to Denis Villeneuve's update of Dune. The Hollywood Reporter says that the two parties are getting close to an arrangement but still need to iron out a few more details before making it official. No matter what it's good to see that cooler heads are prevailing and that movie theaters are still getting some lifeblood.