Moon Knight: Synchronic's Benson and Moorhead Will Direct Episodes of TV Series

image courtesy Marvel
As the upcoming Moon Knight series gets closer to a production date, more news is hitting the internet. It's just been announced that indie darlings, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead will be taking up directing duties for multiple episodes. The two have previously helmed the genre films Synchronic, The Endless, Spring, and Resolution among others including some television work and short films. It's been announced via The Hollywood Reporter that the duo will be multiple chapters of the television series for Marvel and Disney+. Star Wars star Oscar Isaac has officially been cast in the lead role for the series. 

The show is being written by Umbrella Academy's Jeremy Slater. The show was officially announced last year by Kevin Feige. Along with Moon Knight, Disney is also working on series for Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. This will be the first live action incarnation of Moon Knight and he is expected to move from the realm of television to the film universe over the course of the next couple years.