The Lizard King Returns: Jim Lives In New Graphic Novel From Image Comics


Jim Morrison will live on in the new graphic novel that's coming from Image this June. The new story sees the iconic rock singer and poet surviving beyond his last days in a new comic called Jim Lives: The Mystery of the Lead Singer of the Doors and the 27 Club. This novel will play with the theory that Morrison never died. The comic is the second in a trilogy which started with a Beatles story, Paul is Dead. Paolo Baron and Ernesto Carbonetti return for this latest entry in their trilogy of rock stories that alter history. The comic is spun from all the stories of people claiming to see Morrison alive and speculation that he faked his own death to escape fame. The story will follow a father who searches for his missing correspondent son that sent him a message: "Jim Morrison isn't dead. He's hiding out here in Italy. I saw him with my own eyes." 

Jim Lives will be released at online retailers and physical stores in June 2021. It will also be available in the digital format on Kindle, Comixology, Apple Books and Google Play.