The Tomorrow War: Chris Pratt Science Fiction Film May Go To Streaming

photo courtesy Paramount Pictures
The cinematic world continues to take a pounding as more and more movies look to head to the streaming format. With WW84 hitting HBO Max, Soul on Disney+ and dozens of others doing either a split release between streaming and theatrical, it looks as if the upcoming Chris Pratt science fiction action flick, The Tomorrow War will also head into our homes instead of theaters. The movie, originally called Ghost Draft, is being shopped around and may head to Netflix or Hulu. No outlet has officially been announced yet but it was screened over the weekend for execs from numerous companies. 

Initially the film was supposed to see a Christmas 2020 release but was obviously delayed due to the pandemic. Then it was slated to July 23rd, 2021. However with the death toll mounting and a vaccine still not available, the studio is attempting to cash out on the film by getting it into the VOD format instead of waiting on a cure. Obviously, everyone is still unsure on whether or not theaters will fully open in 2021. Today, Sony's Morbius was also moved from its March release to later in the year. This will continue to be the story over the coming months we're sure. 

The Tomorrow War chronicles a man that has to face his past during a futuristic war. Pratt stars along with JK Simmons, Yvonne Strahovski, and Betty Gilpin.