There Be Dragons: New Game of Thrones Animated Series in the Works at HBO MAX

image courtesy HBO

Although one of their planned spin-off series was cancelled before it began production, HBO is moving ahead full throttle on numerous projects in the Game of Thrones universe. Today it's been announced that they're in the early phases of developing an animated series for their streaming outlet HBO MAX. There are no current details available and the provider didn't comment when Variety reached out to them for information on the upcoming project. This could be an interesting new take on the successful franchise. After a rather disappointing series finale, will fans really want a ton of new GOT content to watch? We're not really sure. 

Currently, HBO is working on two separate television series that will predate the original show and now they've announced this animated project. The first prequel series House of the Dragon is set to premiere in 2022. WarnerMedia has taken the helm for HBO is said to be developing even more Game of Thrones projects that will continue to expand the mythology. 

We'll update as we hear more. Keep checking back!