Yippee-Ki-Yay!!!: Bruce Willis Rumored to Return For Final Die Hard Outing

image courtesy FOX Pictures
After 2013's A Good Day To Die Hard which saw Bruce Willis team up with Jai Courtney, the character of John McClane has been missing from the action genre. Well, it appears that the icon will be returning for one final go round with a batch of baddies. It's currently being reported that Willis has signed to star in a concluding entry to the long running franchise that will pit the 65 year old star against another set of villains. 

A couple years ago there was a prequel in the works called McClane that would have been about a younger John working as a New York police officer but the project was ultimately scrapped. It was based on the Boom! Comics title, Die Hard: Year One. The studio decided that no one would want to watch a different actor portray the character and they ultimately put it to bed. The comic went to the past and told the story of a rookie John McClane in the '70s while he learned to be a cop. 

Today's rumor via MovieWeb and other sources says that the studio wants to revitalize the brand for a finale that will finally put his adventures to bed. This is a current trend in Hollywood as we're going to get another Lethal Weapon with two action stars in their 60s and 70s and will also be seeing a much older Harrison Ford return for another Indiana Jones. 

The last two Die Hard films did see dwindling returns on story and profits. But it look like new ownership under Disney thinks that they may be able to squeeze one final movie out of the John McClane character. 

We'll update as we hear more!