4K News: Alien Anthology Coming to UHD in 2022!


Although Ridley Scott’s science-fiction horror epic Alien finally hit 4K UHD disc on April 23rd 2019, the other entries in the series remained curiously absent from the high resolution format.  After nearly two years, the announcement came earlier today that would finally change.  With Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection currently undergoing 4K restorations, the three films will debut initially in digital form on the forthcoming Disney+/Star platform followed by a physical disc collection sometime in 2022.   

Though the news of the films going on subscription based streaming services first isn’t quite what eagerly awaiting fans want to hear, the rollout isn’t dissimilar from how Disney first aired the 4K restorations of the Star Wars films.  Moreover, this is great news for Alien fans long overdue for a 4K collection of the series.  Yes it would appear Disney is using the newly acquired franchise to lure in new potential subscribers (myself included) but if these films are what the service will be immediately judged by I am all for them giving them this much needed attention.

--Andrew Kotwicki