A Black Man of Steel: Abrams Reboot Rumored To Feature Calvin Ellis Superman

image courtesy DC Comics
Today has been a whirlwind of news surrounding the apparent Superman reboot coming from JJ Abrams and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. At first it looked like the entire franchise would get a film reboot that would kick start the Clark Kent story all over again. However, that's old hat at this point. And it appears that Henry Cavill is still attached to the role for the DCEU in some form or fashion still. An idea of telling that story over again seems like a bad idea altogether. It's been done numerous times over the decades. With Man of Steel being a fairly large hit for WB and some dwindling returns on Batman v Superman and Justice League, we're just not sure that the studio really wants to fully commit to relaunching that version of the Supes story. So now it gets interesting. 

Numerous sites are reporting that the upcoming reboot for the character will feature a black Superman as was reported a couple years ago. At one point, it was rumored that Michael B. Jordan would take up the cape for a movie or two. The studio looks to make history with the first ever black man to wear the costume. And rumors are swirling that it will be the alternate character of Calvin Ellis. 

This version of Superman was loosely based on Barrack Obama and was a part of Final Crisis. While we're not confirming anything at this point, it looks like there may end up being some truth to the rumor. Obviously if we hear more, we'll post an update.

It is not known whether or not JJ Abrams will direct for his Bad Robot label or if he'll only serve as a producer on the project.