Cara Dune No More: Disney Yanked Carano's Season 2 Press For Not Using Their Issued Apology

image courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm
It's been an insane couple weeks for fans of The Mandalorian. It appears that galactic civil war is breaking out via social media over Disney's firing of Gina Carano from the hit streaming series. 

Again, this isn't a political page, so we're not going to comment on either side of the story because that's just not our place and we'd rather keep it straight and simple and clean. 

Now, Carano has attempted to hit back at the global entertainment conglomerate with details on how some of the drama shook out. After her divisive social media posts about anti-masking and voter fraud were posted, Disney attempted to tighten their grip on the actresses' social media posting. She continued. There's where things began to get ugly. She ultimately refused to bend to their demands and was finally removed from all upcoming appearances and was fired as an employee of Disney. 

Today, Carano says that Disney attempted to force her hand with a penned apology that they produced for her due to her controversial posts prior to the latest season. She says that the company ended up removing all of her press for that second season of The Mandalorian due to her personal refusal to issue their provided statement. Carano then issued her own statement. She was not allowed to promote the second batch of episodes and received no press whatsoever. At this point, they already had her in their cross hairs and her firing was imminent. 

She also says she found out about her firing the same as everyone else, via social media. "I found out through social media, live everyone else, that I had been fired."

Strange times we live in.