District 10: Neill Blomkamp Officially Working on District 9 Sequel


It's been years since Neill Marshall hit the scene with his amazing bit of science fiction commentary called District 9. The movie sent him into the top tier of sci-fi creators almost immediately, then he fell off with Elysium and the lackluster Chappie which failed miserably at the box office. Then he went on to start developing the much discussed Alien retcon that would have sidelined the events of David Fincher's Alien 3 and would have given Ripley and her companions a much different fate. Now, the creator and director has officially announced that he's begun work on his latest project, District 10. 

The original movie proved to be quite the hit for Blomkamp. Set against a meager budget of only $30 million, it went on to gross $210 million at the box office and turned actor Sharlto Copley into an underground star. Blomkamp took to the internet today to say that a sequel is finally in the works. He's working on a new script along with Copley and Terri Tatchell. 

Nothing has been confirmed by the studio yet. And Blomkamp does have a long record of announcing projects that end up falling by the wayside. Numerous films have been canned that he's had in the planning phases, such as his rumored Robocop sequel. However, with current societal woes and the craziness of politics, a District 10 would fit in perfectly with our times. We'll update as we hear more.