Mezco Toys Unleashes A Flurry Of Release Announcements!

images courtesy Mezco

This past weekend Mezco Toyz held a virtual event called Mezco Toyzfair 2021 and for three days, announced figures that turned heads and surprised fans across the collector realm. In order to give some room to the figures that caught my eye, I'm not going to cover it all but there's plenty on Mezco Toyz website and their social media accounts. 

Day 1 of the event started off strong with the One:12 Collection line delivering the brunt of the news. On the movie side of things, Eric Draven from The Crow and Michael Myers from Halloween II were shown off both with incredible likeness and detailing from their respective films. The comic book figures announced were a one-two punch from Marvel and DC. Superman is styled in a timelessly realistic look that pins down the best of his costume and spit-curl. Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four, assembled to bring their iconic looks as if they popped right off a classic cover to defend your display shelf!

Day 2 continued the assault with more One:12 figures and a splash of horror to keep you on your toes! The MDS line(Mezco Designer Series) is unleashing a Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a big-headed maniac. As if that wasn't enough, the Living Dead Dolls line has a Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill just around the corner. In the superhero world of One:12, the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brought his sword and Dragon Dagger flute to the battle, while Wolverine in his classic blue and yellow costume showed up ready to do what he does best. A surprising twist came when it was revealed that Caesar and the Gorilla soldiers from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes are in the not too distant future!

And on Day 3, Mezco didn't take it's foot off the accelerator and kept it fun and spooky! MDS brings another horror icon back with Pennywise from 1990's IT, while LDD shows that Uncle Fester and Cousin It(no relation) have just as much charm. Back to One:12 and we get more justice, truth, and greed! Gotham by Gaslight Batman appears from the shadows with a vengeance and Ghost Spider swings in with more style and grace than you're ready for. Ultraman shows up and rises to the challenge with a classic look that the figures clothing really makes it look screen accurate! All the while, Cobra's favorite arms dealer Destro makes sure you know it was him with that unmistakable chrome-dome, exposed chest, and devious grin.

After the dust cleared on that barrage of your future wallet, there weren't any dates or preorders up by the time of this posting so you should have a moment to enjoy the lull before the upcoming storm.