No Easy Way Out: Sly Stallone Finishes Rocky IV Director's Cut in New Video

photo courtesy United Artists

It's been known for a little over a year that Sylvester Stallone was doing a new cut of his '80s classic Rocky IV. The film that's steeped in America versus Russia themes and more training montages than any other movie known to mankind is getting a newly formatted edit that let Stallone go back to a better time. The cold war based boxing drama was a major hit at the time and took the character of Rocky Balboa to Russia for a bout against the goliath Ivan Drago. The film went on to gross $127 million in its initial run which was a huge box office take for that era. 

While Stallone still teases one more return as Rocky outside of the Creed saga, he's been hard at work piecing together a new cut of the fourth movie. Today, the long running action icon and movie star took to Instagram to post some new video as he wraps work on this version of the movie. Apparently the robot has been removed from the final cut and it will feature some new audio edits alongside unused footage.