One Re-Release To Rule Them All: Lord of the Rings Remastered Trilogy In IMAX Tomorrow


With theaters still hurting from the pandemic, re-releases of big budget movies seem to continue drumming up interest. It's been announced that the Lord of the Rings trilogy remaster will be in IMAX cinemas beginning tomorrow. The Peter Jackson film trilogy went on to earn nearly $3 billion in its theatrical run and will now get another proper cinematic jaunt as it hits most major theater chains beginning on Friday, February 5th 2021. Considering there are no big studio releases this weekend, this could prove to be a success with no other real competition. 

After this trilogy garnered such massive successes, Jackson went on to a three movie arc around The Hobbit. Amazon is currently working on their very own Lord of the Rings television series that is said to have a massive budget and will tell extended stories that will fill in the gaps of this universe. The Lord of the Rings trilogy went on to 30 Oscar nominations, winning 17 of the golden statues. 

Check out the tweet below and if you feel safe and secure, see the movies again in theaters this weekend!