Playstation Direct To Your Television Set: A Live Action Twisted Metal Series Is Happening

Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

It has been an exciting few months if you are a PlayStation fan. With a new console, beloved franchises returning, and PlayStation launching their own movie and television studio, a lot has happened. Hot off of the filming of the Uncharted movie and the fast tracking of The Last of Us as a series for HBO, we are now learning that another PlayStation classic franchise maybe heading for the small screen. Things are about to get twisted. 

That's right, Twisted Metal is headed to the small screen! Based on the video game series of the same name, Twisted Metal is being described as an action comedy series set in the post apocalypse. An outsider who wants a shot at a better life is given a chance to have the better life. The only problem is that he must survive the open road and deliver a mysterious package. Easier said than done. 

The show will be executive produced by Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick, the guys who wrote Zombieland and the first two Deadpool movies. The first Twisted Metal game was released in 1995, developed by SingleTrac and published by Sony for the PlayStation. It was hugely successful with sequels and spinoffs for years to come. There was even talk a while back about a movie adaptation in the works from the directors of Crank but that never happened. Hopefully this time, things will work out.