Sentinel's Fighting Armor Line Shows Off Its Wolverine!

image courtesy Sentinel

Back in August, Sentinel (aka Sen-Ti-Nel) released images of some unpainted prototypes of Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Spider. The first release of Fighting Armor Iron Man came out late last year and now we're getting some great images of their Wolverine.

This stylized version of Logan appears incredibly articulated with the design aesthetic that this is a suit of armor around the character. Including a stand and a set of swappable repulsor-gesturing hands and clawed fists, this figure looks ready to take on anything. The scale of this line seems to be 6.5 inches, in a spot between 6 and 7 inch figures and although adding some height because of armor may have been the intent, they look comparable to most 1/12 scale figures. This line could have a cast of hundreds but no announcements about the future of the series have been made. I'd be down for a Laura Kinney Wolverine or any of my favorites from Marvel! Heck, double down and make a Colossus for an 'Iron-ball Special'!

images courtesy Sentinel

Online prices vary depending on the figure and preferred site you're ordering from but Fighting Armor Wolverine is listing at 11,000 yen before tax on most import sites. Iron-Spider should release here in February and Captain America in April, followed by Wolverine in June. No news yet on Deadpool.