The End is Near: The Walking Dead Final Season Begins Filming

image courtesy AMC

It's been a long time coming, but the final season of The Walking Dead has officially started in Georgia. After more than a decade of human on zombie action, the series has entered its final phase of production. With barely any original cast members left, the long running show will end after its 11th season. The last set of episodes will be broken up into a nearly two year run of 24 shows that will air in several segments. Typically the show does take a mid-season break but it sounds like this will take a little bit longer to conclude from what we're hearing. 

Once this series ends, they've already begun work on a third spin-off that will center strictly on two of the lead stars, Daryl and Carol. That is expected to hit AMC some time in 2023. 

Kevin Deiboldt took to Twitter earlier today to announce that production has started on the final season of the original series. Over the years the show definitely lost some luster and a lot of its fanbase. But AMC stuck by and has proceeded to move forward with numerous continuations, spin-offs and upcoming movies focused on Rick.