The Running Man: Edgar Wright to Direct New Film Adaptation

The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is an '80s classic. Released in 1987, it still has a loyal following. 

The futuristic film about humans attempting to avoid certain doom in a maze of death has gone on to spawn multiple movies that were heavily influenced by the original Stephen King story that was penned under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. Now it looks like the story is getting a new update and will not be a remake but will be rewritten and will follow more closely to the original King creation. Edgar Wright and Michael Bacall are teaming to write the updated story for the brand new movie. Bacall will solely pen the script after they're completed making their updates. 

Back in 2017, Wright had commented that if he could remake any movie, it would be this one. Now, it looks like he's getting his wish. Paramount will be the studio behind this new version of The Running Man with Simon Kinberg also on board as a producer. There have been no reports of when they plan on filming or a release date at this time. The news just broke via Deadline earlier this afternoon.