Thundercats Ultimates Available Again From Super 7!

image courtesy Warner Bros.

Super 7 has made a big push into the fan market with their Ultimates line and Thundercats has been leading the pack. With their big reveal in late January of the ThunderTank for this 7 inch line of figures, they made it clear this was a franchise they were all-in on. Preorders are still up for this beast of a vehicle at $450 until April 2, 2021 and it should be arriving in the first quarter of 2022.

The ThunderTank announcement caused shock waves across the collector fandom, pushing the limits of display space and budgets. If you've been wanting a Thunder Tank at this scale with these great figures, you're in luck. The Tank will have all the features from the show and is capable of transporting six of their 7 inch scale figures. Clocking in at 27 inches long and 17 inches wide, it's going to need some space to stretch out. The prototype and CG renders are all up on Super 7's website with the litany of details the ThunderTank offers.

images courtesy Super 7

To make sure fans still have a chance to get the earliest figures in the line, the first wave of Lion-O and Panthro, along with wave 2's Mumm-Ra the Ever Living with Ma-Mutt are being made available again until April 2nd. The two heroes should ship around Fall of 2021 for $45 each, while Mumm-Ra at $60 is expected to arrive in the summer. All these prices are before shipping, of course. Most of the first 4 waves of figures are still available on most sites.