Movie Sleuth Exclusives: New Short Documentary About Detroit's First Punk Band, Cinecyde


Formed in 1976, Cinecyde were Detroit's first punk band, and one of the founding bands of the city's eclectic, fiercely independent punk scene, which thrived in the late-70s and '80s, but today does not get nearly the credit or recognition that it deserves. Now, part of that Detroit punk history is being told in a new short documentary for the Detroit PBS series One Detroit, produced, directed, and edited by none other than The Movie Sleuth's own Chris Jordan, who is the editor of the twice-weekly series. The short doc delves into Cinecyde's history in the early years of the Detroit punk scene, and catches up with the band now, as they celebrate their 45th year with the release of a new album, with the Thing from Another World-inspired title track "Vegetable or Thing."

The short documentary will officially debut tonight, on the March 1st episode of One Detroit at 7:30 on WTVS Detroit Public TV, and will rerun on Wednesday March 3rd at 11pm. The episode will also end with Cinecyde's music video for "Vegetable or Thing," also directed, shot, and edited by Chris.

We also have an early link to the short doc on YouTube, so you can check it out right now:

And here is the full music video for Cinecyde's "Vegetable or Thing"

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