Alien: Hope For The Future - Video Released From Fan Made Alien: Isolation Inspired Videogame


As fans continue to wait for the upcoming Alien television show, they're going to be getting a new fan made videogame from llapagokc that is unequivocally inspired by Alien: Isolation. This extended video outtake from the upcoming game gives fans a great look at the amazing visuals of the release as well as some game play samples. While the video is in Russian, it doesn't discount the amount of detail that's been put into creating this project. 

We fully expect the studio to step in at some point to stop the creation of the game due to potential copyright violations. However, it doesn't look like they'll be selling the game but are taking donations via Patreon to fund their creation. Hopefully, they get a pass because they've done a phenomenal job recreating the aesthetics of the Alien ships, corridors, and claustrophobic feeling that we've all come to know and love. Check out the video below and support Alien: Hope For The Future here.