BRZRKR: Keanu Reeves Comic Ordered as Animated Series and Film Adaptations At Netflix


After becoming a hit for BOOM! Studios, the 12 episode original comic book series by Keanu Reeves is coming to Netflix as a live action series and animated show. The action focused comic will be adapted in the near future by the streaming service with Keanu Reeves working hand in hand with the studio to produce the projects. Its expected that he will also star when it goes into production. The main protagonist is quite obviously based on Reeves as it bears a striking resemblance. The film is expected to happen first with the animated episodes premiering soon after. 

The story follows Berzerker, an immortal warrior who has fought for nearly 800,000 years. The character only known as "B" is half man/half god and is prone to violence with no remorse. Seems that after the John Wick movies, Reeves is really finding a foothold in the action genre. We're really looking forward to this project.