Galactic News: Cassian Andor Set Photos Reveal Confrontation With The Empire and Practical Set Work

photo courtesy Disney/LucasFilm

Disney's plan to continue rolling out new and exciting adventures in the extended Star Wars universe continues on with the upcoming Cassian Andor series on their streaming platform, Disney+. The new project will be a prequel that will expand on Andor's early years with the Rebel Alliance and will show the effects of the regime on the galaxy as they begin to take a crushing foothold on freedom. Where The Mandalorian has used a lot of computer based imagery and virtual set design, Andor will be taking a step back and will be using larger, practical sets and visual work. 

Tonight some photos were released via StarWarsNewsNet that show some aerial shots of a face off between Imperial soldiers and a group of townsfolk. It appears that things are about to get ugly between the two factions. Included are other snapshots of the set that they're working on. It really looks like they're taking a different approach to this one as opposed to the virtual backdrops used on Mandalorian. 

Check out the tweet below!