Get Over Here...But Make It A Little Later: WB Delays Mortal Kombat By A Week

image courtesy WB

Well, Mortal Kombat fans can be prepared for some disappointment. The studio behind the film has decided to delay its release by one full week. The film will now move from April 16th to April 23rd. The long awaited reboot of the video game movie will keep enough space away from their thriving Godzilla vs Kong to give it some more time to continue racking up box office profits. Also, it should be noted that they may be waiting to give the film a little more build up. As more and more theaters continue to open, this might allow it just enough space to maximize its ticket sales on opening weekend. Just like their other big release movies, Mortal Kombat will also see a dual streaming and cinema opening, day and date. 

The previous movies based on the game were released in 1995 and 1997 so fans are very eager to see what they have up their sleeve. Early responses to the promotional campaign and marketing have been very positive. In the time of COVID, folks are extremely excited to see something fun at the movies. This new iteration of Mortal Kombat looks to capture the essence of the game while it starts to reboot the franchise as as film series.