He's Back: Renny Harlin to Direct Horror Film, The Refuge


Here is some exciting news coming from the European Film Market. Again, we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. Studios are developing and looking into whatever they can make, grabbing the rights to every project they can. One of the projects up for grabs is Renny Harlin's next film.

Known for his horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Master and Deep Blue Sea, it's not a surprise that his next film will be a horror film called The Refuge. The film will follow a soldier and his family after he returns home changed after being attacked on a tour in Afghanistan. Is it PTSD or is there a malevolent presence in the house acting out?

The film will be written by Ben Sztajnkryce. Harlin describes the film in press materials as a labor of love for the horror genre. He praised the genre for it's visual opportunity and the ability to explore the dark corners of his character's psyche. There is no word yet on when this will be in front of cameras as buyers at the European Film Market have not bought the rights yet but we imagine that they will sooner rather than later.