I'm Afraid I Have Some Good News: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Returning To Theaters


In a bit of amazing news for today, it looks like the comic book movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World will be making its way back to theaters for a rather late 10th anniversary celebration. It was just announced by Edgar Wright that his film would be re-released in Dolby Cinema. The movie has been optimized for the Dolby experience with a version that involves a brand new cut, better sound that will take advantage of Dolby Atmos and optimized visuals. The movie will release on April 30th for ten days and will only be shown in the Dolby Cinemas. 

Wright had this to say:

"Scott Pilgrim vs The World was designed for the big screen and the best sound systems. To be able to see it with the best specs is obviously any film maker's dream"

It's also been revealed that the movie will get a home video 4K UHD release shortly after the Dolby release. 

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