I'm The Master, And You're The Puppet: NECA Reveals Puppet Master 2 Packs!!!

images courtesy NECA
NECA's has been cranking out horror franchise figures and now it's bringing the deadliest toys to the shelves with Puppet Master. These Ultimate 2-packs bring the iconic villains to your display.

NECA recently took to twitter to show off the packaging for these sets and they went for their popular window box, this time replicating Andre Toulon's Puppet case with the movie-style covers on the front. The Puppet Master Ultimate 7” Scale Blade & Torch 2-pack starts off with Blade coming with an alternate head and an interchangeable knife-hand with clean and bloody variations. Torch comes with an articulated jaw and flame effect part for his flamethrower arm. Ultimate Pinhead & Tunneler come with an second set of hands, a vial of rejuvenation fluid, a fire poker, pipe wrench, and hooks for the bruiser Pinhead. Tunneler receives a grease gun, pickax, interchangeable hands and bloody alternate head.

The Puppet Master movies were a blast when I was kid as I hadn't seen anything like it and stop-motion figures killing off their victims was just a fun premise! If I saw Full Moon on the box, I was renting it! The first handful of Puppet Master movies had their charm and have weird continuity but there's a lot of nostalgia when I see these characters pop up.

These are 7” scale but the figures are about 4.25 inches tall. The sets should be hitting retail this month so keep your eyes out for them before they sneak up on you!