Justice is Gray: Knightmare Video Clip in Black and White From the Snyder Cut

photo courtesy WB

Last week saw Zack Snyder's Justice League take the internet by storm. After the sad Joss Whedon cut from 2017, Snyder brought his new version to HBO Max which proved to be their second biggest streaming hit right behind Wonder Woman 1984. Last night saw the streaming outlet release the newest edit of the film which is called Justice is Gray. It presents the film in the exact same format but is a black and white version of the movie. This scene which hit social media today teases the Knightmare epilogue in monochrome. 

Since last week fans have been rallying to get WB to release a new Ayer cut of Suicide Squad and have been demanding that Zack get to finish his Snyderverse sequels to Justice League. Warner Bros. commented that they currently have no plans to move ahead with his two sequels and basically said that fans got all they're going to get. We will wait and see.