Let The Right One In: Demián Bichir To Lead Showtime's Vampire Pilot

photo courtesy Variety

The gloomy and gore infused Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In has already been adapted once with Matt Reeves' 2010 motion picture, Let Me In. But it's being translated again as a television series on Showtime. The cable outlet is in the early phases of giving the story fresh life with an extended story. They're currently working on the pilot episode. Andrew Hinderaker (Penny Dreadful, Away) has already boarded the project as showrunner and Seith Mann (Homeland) will be directing the upcoming pilot. But even more exciting is this first casting announcement. 

Dramatic star Demián Bichir has boarded the show as the lead star. Known for his extensive and unique resume, he will also serve as a producer on the series. Bichir has a long relationship with Showtime already after being a co-star on their long running series, Weeds

The show will feature the same basic story as the movies. A 12 year old female vampire is frozen in her youth as she wanders the night finding human lives to feast on. They're touting the series as a love letter to the movie and say they will be sticking to the story structure while building more mythology:

“The series is both a love letter to the original film, and a story entirely our own,” Hinderaker said, “And casting a true artist like Demián epitomizes our bold aspiration to be one of the most terrifying shows on TV, and one of the most moving.”

Bichir recently starred in Robin Wright's first directorial effort, Land