Nobody Trusts Anybody Now: NECA Announces Ultimate MacReady from The Thing

images courtesy NECA

John Carpenter's The Thing has only grown in prominence over the years after its initial release. Spawning a video game, prequel, and comics as well as cultivating a fan-base for this landmark of the survival horror and sci-fi genres, the resilience of this film never reveals its age.

Upon Kurt Russell's 70th birthday, NECA Toys announced via its Twitter account of the forth-coming Ultimate MacReady(Outpost 31) figure. Wishing the actor a happy birthday and posting a promotional image of MacReady with various head-sculpts from throughout the movie. MacReady's large hat appears to be removable with a fabric strap, a blue hooded version with sunglasses, a second blue hooded version with an aggressive expression, and a casual head-sculpt contemplating a glass and bottle of J&B Rare scotch whisky. Also noted are the gloved and bare hand variations, a shotgun, and lantern for accessories. In a prototype image of the head and torso sculpts, there's also a variant with goggles wearing the blue hood, as well as sunglasses sans any headgear which may indicate they're are at least three head-sculpts and the eye-wear is removable.

The prototype sculpts look incredibly accurate and the paint applications may change before release but this looks to be a solid addition from a beloved classic. Since this is just a promotional image and not a full listing of accessories and packaging, there still could be a lot more to be unearthed before the figure's release this summer.