Release the Justice League Merch: New Official Shirts Feature Martian Manhunter and Deathstroke

image courtesy WB

With Zack Snyder's Justice League finally receiving the respect it deserves, a new merch campaign is underway from WB and DC. This weekend saw the four hour cut of Snyder's film take the internet by storm and has given HBO Max its biggest hit to date. Its ranking currently sits at 74% which is nearly unheard of with any comic book movie. Now, they've released new t-shirts which give us a better look at Deathstroke and Martian Manhunter. Deathstroke is in his Knightmare armor in the featured photos. 

Apparently Snyder had big plans for Martian Manhunter going forward. His future remains to be unseen as there are currently no plans to make a sequel to Justice League. However, that could all change with the huge success of this revitalized vision of the superhero team-up. 

Check out the new merch here which is available at the DC Shop.