The Ninth Doctor Returns: Christopher Eccleston Revived As Doctor Who Audio Dramas

image courtesy BBC

Although his time as the ninth Doctor Who was short lived, Christopher Eccleston will be making his return to the series. He won't be returning to the proper show or series but will be serving as a voice actor on a new series of audio dramas that will feature his role as the ninth Doctor. The upcoming project will be made of four volumes, each with three chapters. So that means he'll be starring as the good Doctor in twelve brand new Doctor Who adventures that will begin being released in May 2021. The new audio trailer features his voice and teases his return in the first episode Volume 1: Ravagers. 

Eccleston has made it quite obvious that he's never going to be interested in revitalizing his live action Who. When asked about it, he's actually responded, "When hell freezes over." So we get an idea about his attitude about the characters live action iteration on screen. Check out the trailer that dropped today!!