Yub Nub: Caravan of Courage and More Headed to Disney Plus

Courtesy of Lucasfilm/CBS

After several decades, the Ewok tv movies have become a beloved part of the Star Wars canon. However, you might have noticed that they weren't available on streaming. But now part of that is about to change. 

That's right. The Ewok TV movies are going to be added to the Disney Plus catalog in the near future. 

It's listed as an upcoming April addition to the streaming service. Both films will join the previously announced Boba Fett animated short film and the original Clone Wars animated series. While the Boba Fett film was a special feature on the Complete Saga Blu-Ray release, the Ewok movies and Clone Wars have been out of the print for a while and are a welcome addition to the Lucasfilm collection on Disney Plus. 

While normally May is the month for Star Wars goodies, April looks like it will serve us up some nice goodies on Disney Plus.