Zack Snyder's Justice League: The Flash Poster and New Trailer Released

images courtesy WB

We are just days away from Zack Snyder's vision of Justice League hitting HBO Max exclusively. After a fan petition unlike any other and years of waiting, the director's original idea for DC'S most famous heroes will finally see the light of day. With some claiming its an act of ego and others clamoring to get their eyes on the 4 hour movie as soon as possible, one thing is certain: We have never seen something like this in the history of film. Going from a shortened version by Joss Whedon to a totally fresh new take on a movie, there's never really been a pop culture phenomenon quite like this one. While the internet still battles it out over Snyder and his film works, one thing is for sure. People will be watching to see if the Justice League sees creative redemption in this new cut. 

The media hype and promotional jaunt has been insane. It seems like each day we're getting a new poster, image or trailer for the movie. Just today, we got a new promo image for The Flash along with a trailer. Check it all out here at The Movie Sleuth!! And follow us on FB at this link!