A Story To Tell: John Cameron Mitchell Set To Play Joe Exotic Alongside Kate McKinnon In Mini-Series

While interest has seemed to dwindle over the strange tale of Joe Exotic and the Tiger King scandals and streaming series, it appears to be heating up again. With Nicolas Cage set to appear in one project for CBS Television, NBC Universal has their very own Tiger King saga in the works. You might remember that  Kate McKinnon is on board as the lead star, Carol Baskin. But who will be her Joe Exotic? None other than John Cameron Mitchell!

Mitchell is best known for co-creating the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His work on the Broadway version earned him the Tony Award for best revival of a musical and a special Tony for performance. He also directed and starred in the film version of Hedwig and won Best Director at Sundance for it. Mitchell’s other film directing credits include Shortbus and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

The new show that will center on Baskin will pick up when she learns of Exotic's mistreatment of the big cats. In the series, the two real life characters will be pitted against each other in the ultimate power struggle to gain control of the park. She will attempt to shut down his park for his mismanagement and breeding of the exotic animals, which of course will start the lifelong feud between the two central characters of the story. 

The series will make its premiere on several outlets including the Peacock, NBC, and the USA Network. This is similar to what HBO has been doing with their new HBO Max service. NBC looks to copy some of their format in hopes of recreating that success.