Box Office Monsters: Godzilla vs Kong Crushes Its Opening Weekend, Theaters Roar Back To Life

photo courtesy WB
The U.S. domestic box office showed signs this weekend in the form of two mega-monsters. The film from Warner Bros. and director Adam Wingard has gone on to gross the biggest opening weekend since the beginning of the global pandemic. As people get a little more comfortable heading back out into the public, theaters are finally seeing some lifeblood flow in the form of ticket sales. The long awaited dual between Godzilla and Kong ended up bringing in roughly $48 million over the extended Easter weekend which means the summer blockbuster season may start to heat up. This is also a good sign that the dual streaming and theatrical openings are actually working. While it's not nearly what the movie would have done during normal times, it's definitely a step in the right direction. 

The latest from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures opened in 3064 cinemas in the U.S. and also premiered on HBO Max day and date. The films predecessor Godzilla: King of the Monsters opened to just $47.8 during normal times which is also a great sign of where the box office is headed. With all this said, it appears that the cinematic experience will survive what was thought would be certain doom due to being closed down for so long.