Crimes of the Future: David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen's Next Project Made Official


After a seven year hiatus that had many thinking he had retired, director David Cronenberg is back and he's pairing with Viggo Mortensen for a new project. 

It was announced back in February that the two would be working together again on a science fiction horror film that would see Cronenberg return to his earlier roots. It's now been made public that both he and Viggo Mortensen are traveling to Greece this summer to film a full length version of the 1970 featurette, Crimes of the Future. The original short film was about a future where all sexually mature woman are killed by a mysterious plague. It features a detective element as the central character seeks out his mentor who accidentally created the virus. It seems like a timely tale. 

Earlier in the year, Viggo teased that he'd be working with Cronenberg on another movie that would be reminiscent of the director's beginnings. At this time, it's not clear if this will be a direct adaptation of the featurette and how much will be updated. But that doesn't matter. These two always do great work together. The pair have previously worked together on A Dangerous Method, Eastern Promises, and A History of Violence.