Deathstroke Origins: Joe Manganiello Wants An HBO MAX Series


As DC fans continue to petition Warner Bros. to #RestoreTheSnyderverse, actor Joe Manganiello has his very own ideas about the character he plays, Deathstroke. Initially he was meant to play the villain in Ben Affleck's The Batman. But as things changed, the Deathstroke villain arc was removed and Manganiello only got a few minutes of screen time. Now, the actor says he thinks that WB and HBO Max should team up for an origin show that would tell the backstory for Slade Wilson. At one point there was a Deathstroke movie planned with The Raid director Gareth Evans at the helm. As the DC film universe struggled to find a footing, the project was ultimately cancelled. It now appears that Deathstroke has no clear path to a feature film or any further examination of the character. 

However, this is what Joe had to say about bringing him into the home viewing arena. When speaking at the fan created virtual DC convention called Justice Con, Manganiello said this:

"Deathstroke origin as a series on HBO Max. Absolutely. I think it'd be such a fun series and people would absolutely love it and there's not a lot like it out there right now. It would have its own tone and its own place within the universe. I think it would be very fun and tonally very unique."

Could this work?