Gotham Heat: Snyder and Terrio Say 2016's BvS Inspired By Michael Mann

image courtesy WB

Here we are, four years later discussing the super divisive Zack Snyder film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With the Snyder cut proving to be a massive hit for HBO Max and Warner Bros. still saying they have no interest in continuing the franchise forward with the director, there is still discussion around the movie that saw two of DC's biggest heroes go head to head. And the guys behind the film are still readily talking about the movie as well. It's now been revealed that Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio took much of its inspiration from the Michael Mann heist classic, Heat. Terrio also recently said that the executives at WB had it out for the film from the start and sabotaged its release by cutting thirty important minutes from the movie. Later on, much of that footage was added back in for the Ultimate Edition. 

When speaking at the fan led Justice Con, they said that much of the inspiration for their Batman came from Pacino's and Deniro's characters as they had "been around a minute". And that they also used Heat as inspiration for the first meeting between the two caped heroes. 

This is a direct quote from Terrio when discussing the film:

 “I seem to remember, Zack, I think, we and Ben had a conversation about Michael Mann’s movie Heat, right? About the cop who’s been around, you know. Pacino and De Niro, they’ve been around a minute. They’ve seen it all, and there was a bit of that tone even in Batman. The James Bond tone that we wanted to introduce a little more into his civilian scenes.”